PTB 311E

The PTB 311E is designed in compliance with the USP <1217> and EP <2.9.8> monographs. The actual design includes the possibility to enter a product code and and a date and ttime stamp onto each protocol. A variety of tablet thickness test jaws are available for differently shaped tablets. Connect a PCL5 laser printer to print reports of the actual test including statistical information as well as of the adjustment and calibration data. A dot matrix printer may be used to get a force curve print-out or use the optional PTB32 software for result presentation. Full calibration and validation programs are included.

Display : LED Display showing number of tests and test result
Data Entry : Numerical and Functional keys
Standard Force Range : 5.0 to approximately 300N, < 1N
Resolution : 0.074N (300N model) - 0.1482N (500N model) - 0.2964N (1000N model)
Force Settings : Linear speed or linear force increase
Selectable Range : 5.0 - 200 N/Second or Millimeter/Minute, < 2% force or < 0.1% speed
Max. Sample Size : 45 mm
Diameter Range : 2.0 - 45.0mm
Height/Thickness Range : 2.0 - 45.0mm (requires different thickness jaws), < 0.05 mm (typically 0.02mm)

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