PTFC-2/8 Fraction Collector

The PTFC-2/8 fraction collector can be attached to any Pharma Test dissolution bath. Using either a peristaltic-, syringe- or a valve-less piston pump, the dissolution media is directly sampled into covered glass vials inside the sampling dish of the PTFC-2/8. The PTFC-2/8 supports dissolution bath with up to 8 vessels. For baths with more positions, the PTFC-16 is available.

Display : LED Display
Keyboard : numerical and function keys
No positions : 20 (PTFC12 2x10)
No vials : 140
Standard Vial Size : 5ml and 10ml volume
Sampling volume : selectable within 1 - 12 ml (depends on vial size used)
Accuracy : using peristaltic pumps approx. +/-5%, using CAT8 piston pump better +/-1%
Sampling time : selectable from 2 min. to 10 hours
Media Refilling : optional using E-VEN and 16 channel peristaltic pump

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