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PTWS 620

The PTWS 620 model is generally preferred if manual sampling is the chosen option. The six in line (plus two stirred extra vessels) format places all vessels in front of the user. Also the “staggered start” option for each stirrer is a user friendly design as it allows manual sampling without any timing problems. As with the PTWS 310, the instrument offers testing method filing, user access administration, auto positioning of the vessels inside the water bath. The U-shaped Plexiglas (perspex) water bath itself is decoupled so as to virtually eliminate any vibration from the drive and heater housing by integrated shock absorbers. A large LCD display, traffic light warning and alphanumeric keypad are also included as the user and access administration and a testing method filing system.

Display : LCD color 6"
Data Entry : Touch screen
Timer : times, wake-up and sleeping mode, operation time information and count-down mode
Printer : Built-in Thermal Printer
Vessel No. : 8 vessel
Speed : 20-250Rpm, ±2% of set speed, typically < 1%
Heater Range : 25 - 45°C, ± 0.2°C inside the water bath
Circulation : Water circulated from external heating system through special diffuser inside the water bath.
Heat-Up : Energy saving, programmable, "auto start" heater function
Vibration : Water bath and pump system on vibration-free mounts.

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