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The PT-DDS4 media preparation and degassing instrument is a vital part of a dissolution testing system. Deaerated media are critical to the reproducibility of dissolution results. The PT-DDS4 can prepare up to 25 litres of pre-heated media, which is degassed by a combination of heating, vacuum and circulation.


PTFC-2/8 Fraction Collector

The PTFC-2/8 fraction collector can be attached to any Pharma Test dissolution bath. Using either a peristaltic-, syringe- or a valve-less piston pump, the dissolution media is directly sampled into covered glass vials inside the sampling dish of the PTFC-2/8. The PTFC-2/8 supports dissolution bath with up to 8 vessels. For baths with more positions, the PTFC-16 is available.


DSR-M Dissolution Sampling Robot

Manual sampling from a dissolution test instrument is not only time consuming but also limits the reproducibility and is close to impossible if sustained release products have to be analysed over prolonged time periods. The Pharma Test DSR-M (Dissolution Sampling Robot) provides a neat solution to this automation procedure.


PTB 111E

To test hardness of any solid sample up to 300 or alternatively 500 N (Newton) the PTB 111E is designed. The PTB 111E is equipped with a COM port for data transfer and a Pinter port to record the results. The test result is immediately displayed at the LED display of the unit. It offers load cell adjustment and 3-point calibration menus. The instrument meets the latest requirements of the EP <2.9.8> and USP <1217> monographs.


PTB 311E

The PTB 311E is designed in compliance with the USP <1217> and EP <2.9.8> monographs. The actual design includes the possibility to enter a product code and and a date and ttime stamp onto each protocol. A variety of tablet thickness test jaws are available for differently shaped tablets. Connect a PCL5 laser printer to print reports of the actual test including statistical information as well as of the adjustment and calibration data. A dot matrix printer may be used to get a force curve print-out or use the optional PTB32 software for result presentation. Full calibration and validation programs are included.

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