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PTB 420

The automated tablet testing instrument PTB 420 is a dual test mode instrument to determine the diameter, thickness and hardness of tablets. The instrument is made in strict compliance with the EP <2.9.8> and USP <1217> Pharmacopoeia.



The triple basket disintegration testing instrument DIST 3 operates three baskets which are connected to a central stroke arm. This instrument offers the most basic yet cost effective instrument in the disintegration tester range which is ideal for new or limited budget installations. The DIST 3 conforms to all pharmacopoeia norms. Quiet, vibration free operation is a trade mark of the whole instrument range. Stroke height is fixed at 55 mm and the number of strokes set at 30/min. The maximum disinteration time can be pre-set and there is a digital display for the elapsed test time. The DIST3 is suitable for tablet and capslue disintegration testing as per USP<701/2040> and EP<2.9.1/ Test A and B>. The water circulation system is fully protected from overheating. The instrument comes fully equipped, ready for use including full IQ and OQ documentation.



The PTZ AUTO 2 is a semi-automated tablet disintegration test instrument. It allows the entry and recall of stored methods for both testing positions. The baskets can be started and stopped independently and will be always moved to the upper position outside the disintegration media. With the levels of security and results reporting now specified by FDA regulations, this instrument fulfils all these requirements, yet offers an easy interface for routine use. A print out of the method, medium and results gives a permanent record of the test. All of the PTZ AUTO series of semi-automated tablet disintegration test instruments meet the specifications of USP <701/2040> and EP <2.9.1/ Test A and B> monographs in full.



This is the fully automatic version of the PTZ AUTO 1. With upgraded electronics and the PT-MKT or PT-MKT33 baskets. The single station Tablet and Capsule Disintegration Test Instrument will allow the fully automated determination of the exact disintegration time of all tablets in the basket. The PTZ AUTO EZ has a built in electric lift, so medium change for extended disintegration times is made easy. All of the PTZ AUTO EZ Fully Automated Tablet Disintegration Test Instruments meet the specifications of USP <701/2040> and EP <2.9.1/ Test A and B> monographs in full.


PTF 10ER and 20ER

PTF E and PTF ER, single or double drum tablet friability test instruments. Both are available as fixed or variable speed instruments and are manufactured in compliance to the monographs of the USP <1216>, European EP <2.9.7> and other Pharmacopoeias. The PTF E instruments are manufactured with either one or two drums, both friability (“Roche”) and (optionally) abrasion drums are available. Since a friabilty testing instrument is often used in production, its stainless steel housing fits ideally.

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