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Outing to Belitung

On April 7th-10th , PT. Pharma Test Indonesia held an outing to Belitung. Tanjung Tinggi, known as the shooting site of “Laskar Pelangi” movie gave a very beautiful view of large stones and blue sea. The replica of SD Muhammadiyah Gantong in the movie was also visited.

Pulau Lengkuas which had a very old lighthouse (from 1882) was a primadona in this trip and it also gave a very beautiful view of Belitung from 70 meter above. Not only from the top, was the underwater life under the sea around Pulau Lengkuas very beautiful with clear water, fish and coral reefs.

The trip was ended by visiting the traditional house of Belitung and Danau Kaolin. It was a very relaxing and open-minding trip for the staffs.