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Implementation of Nanotechnology in Pharmaceutical Industries

On March 3rd, 2016, a seminar was held by PT Pharma Test Indonesia in Swiss Belinn Kemayoran, Jakarta. The title of the seminar was “Implementation of Nanotechnology in Pharmaceutical Industries” and the topic about the nanotechnology was delivered by Dr. Matthias Wacker.

Dr. Matthias Wacker received his Ph.D. title in Pharmaceutical Technology in 2010 and now is the Head of Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Nanosciences at Fraunhofer Institute Germany and habilitates at University of Frankfurt in the Group of Prof. Dressman. His research is focusing industrial nanotechnology with emphasis on the optimization of manufacturing processes for nanocarrier devices as well as methodology for assessing the release of drugs and drug candidates from nanoscaled dosage forms.

Along with Dr. Matthias Wacker was Dr. Dirk Beilke, a dissolution specialist and sales director in Pharma Test AG, Germany. He is responsible for the New Dissolution Developments at Pharma Test and is working in strong relationship with USP.

The seminar was attended by about 60 companies with 115 participants. Hopefully the seminar could give a good influence in pharmaceutical industries.