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Pharma Test AG was founded in 1979 by Franz Faehler to fill the gap in the equipment ranges offered by other companies at that time. The Pharma Test head office is located in the town of Hainburg, near Frankfurt. Pharma Test AG has more than 70 representatives worldwide. Pharma Test produce dissolution tester, disintegration tester, tablet hardness tester, powder tester, leak tester, tap density tester, friability tester, Lab Scale Multipurpose equipments.

As you would expect, Pharma Test equipment conforms to all of the international standards required in the US Pharmacopoeia, the DAB (German Pharmacopoeia) and the EP European Pharmacopoeia. So Pharma Test instruments can be used with absolute confidence in conformity to which ever norm you have to work with.

To add to this Pharma Test has obtained in 1996 official ISO 9001 certification and produces all instruments under the corresponding QM system. In 1997, Pharma Test obtained the control of a company called Pharmag which formerly supplied metal and mechanical parts for the instruments produced in the parent company in Hainburg.

Today, Pharma Test supplies and supports a worldwide market with hardware and software products which find application in the development, formulation and quality assurance departments for the production of tablets, capsules, suppositories, ampoules and various other solid dosage forms. In product development, the company aim to realize instruments which represent value for money. Employees are dedicated and forward thinking so that overall development plan is one of cutting edge innovation. In order to better serve international client base, Pharma Test have developed a worldwide distribution network. Through the medium of regular training programs for internal and external representatives, Pharma Test strive to be in the best position to be of service to customers, whether they are at home or abroad, in house or at their place of work.

The overall company policy is one of continuous improvement in quality and efficiency in both products and personnel.

In the modern world, QUALITY, in both products and service, is not only a requirement, but it is a way of life. All products in turn, help develop and produce other products, which are ultimately for the benefit of all mankind.

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